Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization Hypnosis

Forced Feminization Hypnosis is going to take you on an exciting journey where you are forced into feminization the male in you will be commanded to adapt to feminine ways against your will. Forced feminization hypnosis is a practice where I choose exactly what type of female you are going to be from a submissive little whore to a sexy vamp you have no choice you will become the girl I want you to be. Forced into wearing any type of feminine clothing I choose to put you in. I demand you apply makeup and lots of it to portray a submissive woman willing to do anything I tell you to do and with forced feminization hypnosis that is exactly what you will do.

Feeding fantasies and lustful desires becoming one of my sex slaves and you will love every minute of my forced feminization hypnosis you have no choice, refusal is unrealistic as punishment at this stage will follow. There are obvious benefits to you the more you listen to me the more feminine you become although you have tried to resist it before now but this time there is no going back as my will is much stronger than your free will. Accept it deep down inside you, you crave me to make you into that perfect woman you so desire to be with my forced feminization hypnosis.



Forced Feminization Hypnosis Review

When I saw the wonderful video promoting this forced feminization hypnosis mp3 recording, I just could not resist buying it. I have other forced feminization hypnosis recordings by the mistress, and I knew this one would be good, despite the subject matter giving me some trepidation, and a certain thrill thinking that I could take this one on and be forced into feminization with the mistresses’ mp3. I just had to listen to it as soon as I got it so I settled down to listen to mistresses forced feminization hypnosis mp3 and her dulcet tones, her most wonderful soothing English accent was quickly imploring me to relax, and then moved into what is for me, a really effective induction. The simple voice instructions and overdubbed music ensured that I was "gone" in no time flat into her most wonderful hypnotic world of forced feminization hypnosis.

I must admit that I really lost the details here as it went along, it really takes me deep however I do remember the corset as it got tighter and tighter and of course the chastity device with the never ending time lock, a very "intense" part, that had me realising that I was in her World, where she writes the rules! When I was awoken by her, I felt just so wonderful the experience was simply amazing! I know that each time I listen to I will become just that little more "shifted" into her world and her forced feminization hypnosis mp3. Ever more subject to her will after all its title is forced feminization hypnosis. I simply had to listen again straight away. This is a wonderful and powerful recording from a most gracious, and beautiful mistress and one to which I know I shall listen, again and again. A devotee of forced feminization hypnosis I just love to be feminine and give into a magical hypnotic trance.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Woman

Forced Feminization Hypnosis is an erotic game of sorts. I was always confused as to exactly why the idea of wearing women’s clothes drew me back again and again. The fragrances, the sensuous feelings, and the raw femininity were all powerful stimulants. But why, where did it all come from? Even in childhood, before I even understood what it meant to be aroused by forced feminization hypnosis, I found that I was aroused by simply dressing in women’s clothes. The power it had over me. Uncontrollable it seemed.

Again in childhood, I discovered in movies and television programs that hypnosis and especially forced feminization hypnosis is a mysterious force and could take control of one’s life. Why is this? Had I been the subject of some forced feminization feminizing hypnotist? And so I dreamt for quite some time until adulthood had removed most of the mystery and magic from my life. But the desire to dress remained. Controlled, compartmentalized or so I thought until I found Madam Raison D’être and her forced feminization hypnosis.

Madam changed everything with her feminization hypnosis recordings, starting with the main title that this review is all about Forced Feminization Hypnosis which is an mp3 download and believe me once you start on this path there is no going back. Madam knows me better than I knew myself. In serving her, she has taken me into a world I only imagined. She introduced me to feminine elements I had not considered or recognized.

In my latest assignment, I was to select two or three wigs to help transform an otherwise dull, male face and with constant listening to the hypnosis MP3 there was no going back, but did I really want to go back? As I searched various websites for wigs all I could hear was madam’s voice resonating in my mind with the words ‘you are a woman’, ‘you will dress accordingly’. No matter how I tried to block madam’s voice and words out of my mind, it was truly impossible to do because of the powerfulness of her forced feminization hypnosis mp3.

I had no choice but to complete this assignment but there were so many choices in style and colour, the different costs and quality of the wigs were endless. In the days that followed, I was attentive to the women I would encounter. Did I like the way she wore her hair. Did it appeal to me? Had ‘she’ once been a ‘he’ and madam had indoctrinated her with forced feminization hypnosis. I wonder how I would look with hair in that colour and cut? I made some choices as time was fading fast. But I continued looking and watching and of course listening to forced feminization hypnosis.

An astounding change had taken place with the forced feminization hypnosis mp3, that all attraction to members of the fairer sex was replaced with the constant question of would I like to wear that dress, that style hair, that colour makeup, those shoes, that bracelet, those earrings, etc. It had gone on for quite some time before I even realized what was happening; Madam Raison D’être with her forced feminization hypnosis was completely taking over. What’s more, it was not something I wanted to stop. It was not something I could stop for her forced feminization hypnosis is stronger than you will ever know.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Transgender

Madam let me listen to a new forced feminization hypnosis recording the day before the wigs arrived. Called ‘Hypnotic Feminization’ it was far more intense than her previous recordings. My trance was deep and profound as with all her forced feminization hypnosis recordings I was curious as to what instruction remained in my mind. My conscious mind was so relaxed that there was no memory of her words. The subconscious mind, was always listening to every word, every sigh. It had accepted every one of her wonderful suggestions.

But I was unaware until I tried on the wigs and then a bolt of lightning struck me; I was being forced with forced feminization hypnosis but loved every sensual minute of it. The first wig was long and black, with bands inside the front. As I put it on, there was hair everywhere and I struggled to get it all back in place. I stepped to the mirror with brush in hand. As I looked at the image of the girl looking back, I was washed in wave after wave of forced feminization hypnosis and the most feminine feelings. This was more than just wearing a wig. I could hardly move.

As I brushed her hair, that woman I had always wanted to be was making her presence felt. I was becoming the woman madam wanted me to be with forced feminization hypnosis. What was happening to me? I needed to get dressed, and I did. And with each glimpse of the woman in the mirror looking back at me, I shared, however imperfect, her feminine nature. How wonderful it felt as her long, black hair flowed down her soft silky blouse, over her breasts, rising slightly with each breath framing the pearl necklace that circled her neck.

I didn’t want to move, it was fabulous, and I was fabulous and forced feminization hypnosis had done this. The second wig was short and platinum blond. The hair fell straight with little assistance from the brush. With the application of red lipstick as madam had demanded in her forced feminization hypnosis recording. For a moment I recognized a resemblance was she my sister, my aunt? Perhaps there was a slight resemblance and clearly feminine. My heart was racing. Is it possible that I could really be this woman?

I am a woman and forced feminization hypnosis has done its job well. The reality was impossible to deny. The game like nature of this all ended in that moment. Is this the real me? I whispered, I am the woman in the mirror. My thoughts, my desire, now my reality and I could hear madam’s voice telling me that I had no choice I was that woman with forced feminization hypnosis. The third wig was shoulder length, bobbed, and golden blond. By now a feminine spirit was completely in control. Madam’s forced feminization hypnosis instructions given to me were guiding me far beyond my previously male experience.

I remained dressed for some time. It was unlike anything else I had experienced, forced feminization hypnosis was not going to let go of me, although there was a comfort and natural peace that I never have otherwise felt an inner calm, a feeling so wonderful that words cannot explain it but madam knew what effect her forced feminization hypnosis would have over me. My mind jumped from fashion to jewellery, from makeup to grooming. Let me remain as this woman, Madam. Just 10 more minutes please I beg of you, I could hear madam laugh at my pathetic words as she just reinforced the forced feminization hypnosis.

I had to plead with my male self but the woman within me didn’t want to go back into the box, she cried and tried to fight him, she wanted to breathe and dance, sing like never before as happiness and contentment overwhelmed her but her time was at an end, for now anyway and she would have to go back to listening intently again to forced feminization whenever she got the chance. Heartbroken, my hands trembled as I returned to my male persona, dull, lifeless, until the next opportunity arose for me to be that woman with forced feminization hypnosis transgender and let her live again.

But I understand now, all I have to do is look in the mirror and those beautiful eyes looking back are my eyes, my womanly eyes that are hidden deep inside me and only forced feminization hypnosis can bring her back to life again, as I male I was a coward and needed that final push from Madam Raison D’être and her forced feminization. By Leather Girl now truly feminized with forced feminization hypnosis.