Forced Feminization

Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis

Crossdressing feminization hypnosis is something any girl worth her salt must do to acquire that polished look. With crossdressing feminization hypnosis will take you to that desired destination you have always wanted. Crossdressing hypnosis with hypnotic feminization enhances and makes you so much more of that girl you want to be, giving you confidence that will both time and practice of crossdressing you will become more convincingly female and achieve your goal successfully with this wonderfil forced feminization hypnosis recording.

There is so much written about crossdressing but not so much about your crossdressing feminization subconscious mind and how it is just the tip of the iceberg compared to your conscious mind. Crossdressing feminization hypnosis can and will change all of that forever. At present you may be inhibited and worried about what people might think, don't be with crossdressing feminization hypnosis you will have the confidence to hold you head high and feel comfortable in your own skin, that pretty soft hair feels divine flowing down your back. Your body is always powered and perfumed and your figure immaculate and so it should be with forced feminization hypnosis.

Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis -  Forced Feminization Hypnosis

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Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis - Forced Feminization Hypnosis

I will hypnotize you into that crossdressing feminized girl you have always wanted to be, with the perfect hour glass figure. With crossdressing feminization hypnosis you will become one of my pretty girls, stunning and admired by everyone. All the girls want to look like you, dress like you but there is only one very pretty girl and that is you. My girl Amy in the photograph is stunning and you so want to be like her, well here is your opportunity, step over the threshold and there is no going back.

You will be taught my feminine secrets, all the while becoming less what you are and more what you dream to be. I will unchain you from your inhibitions and set you free, to dance to my irresistible tune, and be all that you can be. If you dream of being dominated by a commanding, powerful and deeply seductive living beautiful woman, as she transforms you into the very effigy of your hearts deepest desire, then this Mp3 will do that for you and more. My sweetly seductive words will be whispered in your ear. The perfect guide for your journey will lead you into your most guarded hopes and dreams, with my skilled crossdressing feminization hypnosis and all consuming trigger words - Do it, take my hand and become the prettiest girl for Madam Raison D’être. This is the ultimate in crossdressing feminization hypnosis and you know you must have it, do it now with my forced feminization hypnosis mp3.

Format: Forced Feminization Hypnosis Download Mp3 - Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 55 minutes

Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis - Forced Feminization Hypnosis

Crossdressing Feminization Hypnosis Girls - Forced Feminization Hypnosis

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