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Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife is my latest mp3 in the forced feminization hypnosis series which moulds you into the perfect trophy wife, all men want you. You are the most perfect Stepford wife with a beautiful heart shaped face and creamy complexion. Your features are soft, but aristocratic. Having the ultimate face of feminine perfection, with high cheekbones, high arched brows, a pretty kissable mouth with a truly defined cupids bow all plumped through injections, Almond shaped eyes that say ‘ come to me darling’, real bedroom eyes, and a small upturned nose. Your eyes are bright and you always have smoky and sultry eye makeup, the rest of your make up is always perfect and expertly applied because after all you do want to be the perfect trophy wife for your husband with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3 that is exactly what you will become.

Within my Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife MP3 you have long silky hair that you can wear in various styles, a perfect hour glass figure, and shapely smooth legs. And perky 38dd breasts and oh my goodness they do bounce and sway when you walk but that is just want you love them to do. To bounce around everywhere but firmly of course making sure that your nipples are sticking out and pointed straight ahead. Your waist is reduced to a comfortable 22 inches and 20 inches when your husband wishes you to look even more fragile and perfect like a Barbie doll. Curvaceous 34 inch hips and a firm pert round bottom, so cute giving you that gorgeous hourglass shape that all women crave but you have with the help of corset training, what a perfect woman you are with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3. You are the most stunning of all the Stepford wives, a trophy wife and with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3 it makes it all possible. So wanting to make your husband proud of you doing anything and everything he tells you to do without exception, your purpose in life is that, and of course to look pretty and feminine at all times.

In bedroom with forced feminization hypnosis wife he is of course in charge and controls your every movement, every touch, with you always dressed in the finest silk and satin lingerie to delight him anyway he wishes. Sometimes you may wear a tight lacing corset with suspenders and seamed French silk stockings, baby doll or teddies, many trimmed in marabou. His delicious cock is easily 7 inches of pure sexy lust smooth and tanned like the rest of him. He enters you either in your pussy or ass, or just how he pleases, after all you are there to please him and you will please him with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3. Always making certain to bring him to a mind shattering orgasm, sometimes he even restrains you with silk scarves or satin braided rope.

Once a week a beautiful young courtesan comes to the house and you indulge him further in a threesome, relishing them both coming together, lapping up their juices exactly as you should do with forced feminization hypnosis wife. You are so lucky to have him and must do everything he says after all you are a Stepford wife and that is your purpose with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3 you will love every second of it. And when the pretty young courtesan comes to the house, ‘he’ who must be obeyed has stated that you serve her as you would him, getting drinks for both of them. In the bedroom she enters the bed with him, and you kneel at the side of the bed, all submissive, pretty and feminine waiting for your fate to be decided for you with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3, not knowing exactly what is going to happen until you are completely immersed in my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife - Stepford Wife

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Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife - Stepford Wife

A mouth watering 68 minutes of forced feminization hypnosis at its very best, you see I know you better than you know yourself. All day long you make decisions for others; all day long you are tense and anxious. The worry, the responsibility and you do try to resist your desires. The thoughts you have about being forced into feminization but we both know that those thoughts sneak in when you make those decisions you don’t want to have to decide.

You don’t want to make decisions I will make all the decisions for you with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3. You want to obey me, you want to be obedient and you want to please me and become that perfect Stepford wife with my forced feminization hypnosis wife MP3. This is your opportunity to indulge yourself you deserve it, so now do it and become the perfect Stepford wife.

Format: Forced Feminization Hypnosis Download Mp3 - Forced Feminization Hypnosis Wife
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
MP3 File Size 62.2MB
Length: 68 minutes

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I am always interested to hear from any of my girls and would love for you to describe yourself to me, now don't be shy I know you really want to be forced into feminization and become that perfect woman. Just imagine you are sitting at your desk with your favourite colour nail polish on as your delicate hands start to write about yourself. Wouldn't you just love to see your words published on my pages? Of course you would, then do not hesitate let me have your in depth description of yourself and the life you live. Fact or juicy fiction I would love to read it. Then just email it to me,

Red Lipstick Kisses, Fem x

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