Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore

Forced feminization hypnosis whore asks you one question? Are you really a woman, a whore? And I will answer your fetish fantasy. "Of course you are", I will force you with forced feminization hypnosis whore into becoming my whore, my bitch, my slut and I will do with you as I please. Dress you provocatively with lots of make-up and over power your subconscious mind into doing anything and everything I tell you to do with my forced feminization hypnosis.

With forced feminization hypnosis whore I will literally change your mind, change the way you think, change the way you feel and the way you behaviour. I could make you my crossdressing whore or my dirty little prostitute ready to suck cock at the drop of a hat, a good cock sucker of a sex slave girl. You will do it without hesitation because after all you are just my slave girl and I can and will do as I please my forced feminization whore hypnosis will delve deep into that dirty girl mind of yours and bring out that whore within you. Deeper and deeper I will go with my forced feminization hypnosis until I completely own and control you.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore -  Forced Feminization Hypnosis

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Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore - Forced Feminization Hypnosis

I hypnotize you into becoming my dirty girl with forced feminization hypnosis whore, my crossdressing little transvestite and before you know it I will have transformed with forced feminization hypnosis into one of my little whore's. I will dress you extremely provocatively and force you into prostitution, poor darling girl, you have no choice but to obey and take the money from the highest bidder. As you can see in this photograph here is one of my pretty whore girls' who has been forced into feminization. I can sell her for anything I want, she has no choice in the matter and as I say the trigger words, Whore Time for You Girl, which is exactly what she will become forced into feminization with my forced feminization hypnosis mp3.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore will have you so mesmerized you won't be able to stop yourself from offering your body to anyone who has the correct change. You will be made to look the prettiest of girls with delicious lingerie and extremely sheer stockings that show off your curvaceous figure to its best. Being forced down on your knees and ready to take anything in your mouth, what a filthy dirty girl you are but you do love it and can’t stop yourself, just not wanting to stop yourself with my forced feminization hypnosis mp3. Feeling the yearning growing stronger, you want it dirty girl and you will be fucked over and over.

Format: Forced Feminization Hypnosis Download Mp3 - Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 39 minutes

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Whore - Forced Feminization Hypnosis