Forced Feminization

Pantygirl Hypnosis

Pantygirl Hypnosis is for all you lovers of forced feminization; you are my Pantygirl and can feel everything that I feel. The satin softly caresses your body; you can smell my scent and taste me. Pantygirl hypnosis offers 58 minutes of intoxicating erotic hypnotic sexual indulgence with me your erotic hypnosis mistress with forced feminization hypnosis.

Forced feminization is just a small part of my repertoire and Pantygirl Hypnosis is just one of many excellently crafted mp3. Sexy, seductive and ultimately pleasurable not only for me but you too after all we are panty girls together and just love wearing our satin panties. As you taste me, smell me, lick me and await your delicious treat at the end of the mp3, just use your imagination of what is going to happen to you.

Pantygirl Hypnosis

Price: 21.99

Pantygirl Hypnosis

Pantygirl Hypnosis is over 58 minutes of sumptuous satin panties caressing your body and mine. Just feel the softness of the fabric as you kiss and lick my satin panties. Pantygirl Hypnosis will have you well and truly all wrapped in satin and thrill or frill you in every way.

Pantygirl Hypnosis is an MP3 Download
Length: 58.45 Minutes
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
File size 53.7 MB

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Pantygirl Hypnosis Showing Wonderful Panties

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